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I have been featured! That means I’m taking a great quality photos ;-)

For now my profile is on the main page, and I’m inviting you to see it.

Here’s some of latest updates:

Hope you like my photos.


On my Twenty20 portfolio page you can check new achievments in the Honors tab.

Photos signed $ symbol were sold. Others – the best results of taking participation in Twenty20 challenges. Have time to buy yet unused!

2016   achievments   Twenty20

Homeless man (staging)

These staging photos were taken a few days ago. We found a dumpster, put on clothes in hobo-style and tried to pretend that it's just homeless man rummaging in the garbage.

Sizes & quality: up to 4778 X 3190 PX | 15.9" X 10.6" @ 300 DPI. Click on interested photo to buy it on Twenty20 stock.

2016   experimental   hobo   homeless   staging
2016   adult   asian   football   goalkeeper   soccer   sports

Droplets and ripples

One evening, one hundred snapshots, and job is done. “Studio” photos of droplets, falling and splashing on the surface of the water.

How it was photographed

Little installation at the kitchen, macro glass on the lens, side flash with synchronizer and bright colorful background for reflection.

I hope you like the result.

Purchase these and more cool hi-rez photos of droplets and ripples in my Experiments Collection.

2016   bike   girl   parachute   sunset
2016   colorful   girl   sexy   studio   Valentine's Day

Winter Baikal

At the end of January, 2016 me and my friends went to Lake Baikal, the largest freshwater lake by volume in the world. Buryat people likes to go to the great lake all year round, whether it is cold or windy. We love Baikal and proud of it.

So, at Gremyachinsk we found some good points to take these photos of Baikal's ice:

You can purchase these and other awesome high resolution photos of Lake Baikal in special Twenty20 Collection.

2016   background   clouds   lightning   night   purple   sky   storm   wallpaper
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